The Exotic Range

Free range chicken eggs are clucking great, but sometimes you just need something a bit bigger, brighter and more… exotic!

So let us break this down for you, you’re that extra big hungry at lunch and even after cracking open and wolfing down couple of our regular sized eggs, there’s still room for more. You were hungry enough to eat a brontosaurus egg and even the humble chicken can’t compete with that… it happens to all of us.


We promised to solve your lunchtime woes and that’s exactly what we’ve gone and done. There was mass modifications made to The Barn: We got ice imported in from the South Pole, torched our grass to look like the Savannah and installed a huge lake in the back. We needed bigger birds, bigger eggs… and we got them.

Now you can enjoy Flamingo, Penguin and XL Ostrich eggs coated with our protective wax that’ll still keep them fresh for five weeks! (If you can fit them in your fridge.)

April Fools - Flamingo FB-01

First up there’s these beauts, all pretty in pink. It doesn’t get much more exotic than two Flamingo Eggs with a Prawn & Cocktail sachet!

April Fools - Penguin FB-01

Feeling p-p-p-peckish? Two sizeable Penguin Eggs and Tartare Sauce will sort you out straight away!

Finally for you lot who take hunger to the next level, you’ve met your match with our final Crackin’ Egg…These are hot and HUGE!

April Fools - Ostrich FB-01

Heating up our new Exotic range… 2 XL Ostrich eggs with a Piri Piri Sachet!

Now that you’ll never complain about being hungry at lunchtime again, come thank us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!