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Boat Twitter 28 Aug-01

Lookout Scotland… we’re coming for you!

We’ve only gone and got ourselves a cluckin’ listing! Lookout Scotland… Crackin’ Eggs have set sail and will be available in SPAR UK Scotland from 28th August! They will be part of the […]

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Devils Eggs

9 reasons why hard-boiled eggs are clearly the superior egg…

At The Crackin’ Egg Co, we know that hard-boiled eggs are clearly Kings in the world of eggs. And we’re pretty sure we can persuade you that they’re superior with […]

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What’s in an egg? No really, what’s it made of?

Ever wondered what’s in an egg? Let us break it down for you… (See what we did there? Break it down? OK… so we’re not comedians. But we do know […]

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boiled egg

Don’t believe the hype – why you should be eating more eggs!

Everyone loves a good egg… whether that be in a cheeky omelette, all scrambled up or – be still my beating heart – just a classic boiled egg! So why […]

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Crackin’ Eggs and the epic search for a new home…

Crackin’ Eggs are the best thing to happen to eggs since the invention of soldiers, the best thing to happen to lunch since lunchboxes came on the scene, the best […]

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Copy of Copy of Untitled design

 Let us spin you the yarn of the flavour and the egg…

Sweet Chilli? Salt & Cracked Black Pepper? Sour Cream & Chive? What have these flavours – and an egg – got in common? Well, brought together in  a fancy pack […]

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The story behind the shell – meet the founders of The Crackin’ Egg Co!

Crackin’ Eggs – the greatest thing to happen to eggs since the invention of soldiers! But how did it all begin? Meet our founders Rob Shaw and wife, Rachel, who […]

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17 things you need to know about eggs…

  It’s National Egg Day.  Which is our favourite day. Obviously. To celebrate this momentous occasion here are 17 of the most amazing egg-related facts around (we tossed a couple […]

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Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!