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Want to lose a few pounds? Pop an egg…

By now you probably know we’re fans of eggs. To be honest, that was probably fairly clear to you from, you know, looking at our product. And you’d be correct, […]

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Where to store your Crackin’ Eggs (hint: not in a warm algae filled pond).

So… eggs. Where do you store ‘em? In the fridge? In the cupboard? In a warm algae filled pond? And that’s talking about ordinary eggs, which we should all be […]

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Mean CHicken looking

Straight Outta Chicken

A little something from N.W.A’s B-side on National Poetry Day… You are now about to witness the strength of hen knowledge. Straight outta Chicken, crazy motherclucker named Hen Cube From […]

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So, what can you do with a boiled egg or two?

Now obviously Crackin’ Eggs are delicious coupled with their flavour sachets – or just on their own as a classic snack on the go. But if you want to get […]

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Battle of the Shells…

Three distinct flavours. Three distinct colours. Only one can make it into your metaphorical lunchbox… Our Twin Packs of free range hardboiled eggs are all delicious (that goes without saying, […]

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Show us your Shellfie and win a Nutribullet!

Taking a selfie? Yawn. So overplayed.   Whack out your Crackin’ Eggs (or any old egg really) and take a Shellfie instead… Just take a snap of you with your […]

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Are you a Tap & Unwrap or Roll & Crunch kind of person?

Now that some of you have got your mitts on Crackin’ Eggs, we have a crucially important question to ask you… Do you Tap & Unwrap or do you Roll […]

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Why Germans love pink and blue eggs…

Crackin’ Eggs are red… and blue, green and yellow. Some people look at this and say ‘why the cluck would you want a blue boiled egg?’ Those people are not, […]

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Free range? Natural? Why should you bother?

We know the scene… you’re stood in the egg isle (or the dairy isle, to be precise. Nowhere really has a designated egg isle). You’re gazing at the eggs. Or, […]

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#EggPower… the things you can do with a little egg fuel in you!

Now we all know eggs are pretty much a superfood. And if you didn’t, where have you been hiding? Under some kind of rock? In a cavernous city of interconnected […]

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Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!