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The Exotic Range

Free range chicken eggs are clucking great, but sometimes you just need something a bit bigger, brighter and more… exotic! So let us break this down for you, you’re that […]

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The Crackin’ Crusade – A Call To Arms

Lay down your boring butties, bin those soggy salads and pass on pathetic pre-prepared pasta. These are weapons of the boring lunch brigade and you, our newest recruit will not […]

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pepper the hen 5


Following her critic smashing performance on Dragons’ Den a few weeks ago, our Pepper (or should we say Pepper the Hen, ‘national treasure’) has gone missing. It’s been a tough […]

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Our Crack at Dragons’ Den!

If you happened to watch Dragons’ Den on 10th January you probably spotted a dapper chap in a purple tie and his trusty chicken side kick. Yeah that was us. Rob […]

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chicken brooding hen and chicks in a farm

11 reasons why Chickens are cluckin’ amazing…

It’s Chicken Month, so here’s 11 facts about Chickens to make you realize they’re cluckin’ amazing… 1. Chickens can distinguish among more than 100 faces of their fellow chicken-mates! Who […]

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Crackin’ Eggs – now available from Ocado

Lively up your lunches; say goodbye to boring wraps, sad salads and soggy sandwiches, The Crackin’ Eggs have found a new home in Ocado! Thank cluck for that right? We’re […]

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But… why on earth would I want a green egg?

Good question. The simple answer is because they look freaking great. But let’s go into a little more depth about that (warning: we may have to repeat how great they […]

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A woman in high heels walking on eggshells

How many eggs can you crush with your toes in one minute?

Today is Guinness World Record day. All we can say is, well… people + eggs + the chance for a Guinness World Record = madness. The first dude we’d like […]

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No time to faff around? We salute you!

You don’t suggest flavoursome pre-boiled eggs without meeting with some resistance. Crackin’ Eggs are a freaking brilliant idea… but they take some explaining. Common reactions vary from the understandably baffled, […]

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Spook up your eggs this Halloween…

Halloween is upon us. The time is nigh to take everyday objects and foods and spookify them to your heart’s content. We’ll get you started with the best that the […]

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Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!