No time to faff around? We salute you!

You don’t suggest flavoursome pre-boiled eggs without meeting with some resistance. Crackin’ Eggs are a freaking brilliant idea… but they take some explaining. Common reactions vary from the understandably baffled, “Why the hell would I want that?” to the seasoned boiled egg eater who frankly cannot fathom why people can’t just stick an egg in a pan.


Well look, boiling an egg doesn’t take that long. By all means, if you want to boil your own, you might as well crack on. But that’s not all we’re about at the Crackin’ Egg Co. We’re taking a classic food – the humble egg – and making it new.

It’s not news to us that eggs are pretty much a superfood. We even wrote a whole blog post about it. What Rob wanted when he dreamt up the idea of Crackin’ Eggs was to give the humble egg that bit of extra pizazz which it deserves – so we added 3 fancy flavours and locked our eggs in a colourful shell. Although brightly coloured, our shells are 100% natural and because the egg is sealed by this protective layer they can last for up to 5 weeks in your fridge. Thus Crackin’ Eggs were borne – the most colourful, portable, flavoursome eggs on the market.



There are so many ‘healthy’ snack bars on the market (which are actually choc-full of sugar) for adults and children alike. By making eggs, which are a healthy snack or addition to a meal, that bit more convenient, we hope we can make a difference and encourage healthier habits. You can stick ‘em in your lunchbox, chuck ‘em in your gym bag or peel and chop up into a salad.

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They also make a fun activity for children, no glitter or food colouring or sticky fingers required. And we all know how tough it can be to get kids enjoying eating healthy food at times (if you don’t know… it can be really, really tough)! Here’s some ideas for decorating your Crackin’ Eggs…



So if you’ve got no time to faff about – but you still want a nutritious crackin’ snack – say hello to Crackin’ Eggs! Now available in Ocado.

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Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!