How many eggs can you crush with your toes in one minute?

Today is Guinness World Record day. All we can say is, well… people + eggs + the chance for a Guinness World Record = madness.

The first dude we’d like to celebrate for his egg-related achievements is Brian Spotts, who balanced a dozen eggs in 1 min 6.45 seconds on 6 February 2015. Amazingly, “Brian found he had a knack for balancing eggs while at university, and is known to spend time carefully selecting suitable eggs for his attempts.” And to think, we thought people just studied and made vodka jellies at uni…


How many eggs can you crush with your toes in one minute? That is the question… Ashrita Furman won the world record for the most eggs crushed with the toes in one minute on 5 June 2012, with a whopping 55 eggs. Nice.

Moving onto quite a moving egg-related world record, the record for the most eggs cracked in one hour with one hand is 3,031 and was achieved by Corey Perras (Canada) at the Broadway Bar & Grill, Barrhaven, Ontario, Canada on 22 June 2012. We say moving because – bear with us – all 3,031 successfully cracked eggs along with hash browns and sausages were donated to the Ottawa Mission for a large weekend breakfast feast. Who knew smashing eggs could be so charitable?


Apparently mass scale egg art can help the world, too. The largest egg mosaic consisted of 66,000 coloured eggs and was created by Société de Développement des Intérêts d’Ouchy in Switzerland, on 2 April 2010. Over 100 volunteers took part in assembling the mosaic, which consisted of 19 different colours of dyed eggs (sounds right up our street)! The proceeds benefited families with children suffering from cancer.


Reckon you could get an egg related Guinness World Record? Most time spent in a bathtub full of eggs? Most Crackin’ Eggs consumed? (You might have some competition on that one!) Let us know on Facebook and Twitter

Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!