Don’t believe the hype – why you should be eating more eggs!

Everyone loves a good egg… whether that be in a cheeky omelette, all scrambled up or – be still my beating heart – just a classic boiled egg! So why do some people avoid them, or limit their consumption of this great food? And why don’t some people eat the egg yolks? (Why would you leave the best part!?)


Well, it all goes back to that fateful day in 1988, when the former Tory health minister Edwina Currie (also known as our nemesis) labelled them a health threat because they supposedly contained salmonella, a bacterium that can cause nasty food poisoning. However, the British Egg Industry Council said the risk of getting salmonella from eating an egg was actually less than 1 in 200 million.


Not to worry then, Edwina!


The attack on eggs fuelled existing worries that eggs contained high levels of cholesterol and that egg yolks are high in calories (that explains people not eating them… that and the Daily Mail hilariously claiming they are ‘as bad for you as smoking’. Which definitely isn’t true.)


But time and time again this has been disproved by science… the happy conclusion being that eggs are actually really good for you! Research has found eggs do not deserve the bad rep they’ve had, that they contain nutrients that may help lower the risk for heart disease, including protein, vitamins B12 and D, riboflavin, and foliate… some have even hailed them as the perfect food!


The truth is that eggs are a safe, healthy, low calorie protein source that are rich in essential vitamins. The egg-hating myths have officially been busted!

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Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!