But… why on earth would I want a green egg?

Good question. The simple answer is because they look freaking great. But let’s go into a little more depth about that (warning: we may have to repeat how great they are a few times)!


The main idea behind the Crackin’ Egg Co is to bring a bit of excitement back to the humble boiled egg – after all, it is pretty much a superfood. In ourĀ last blog post we talked about the bad rep eggs have had over the years… and we want to change that perception. How, you ask, are we doing that? By taking the humble egg and making it new – adding a brightly coloured 100% natural coating and serving it up with a side of flavour! Now we’re talking!

Crackin’ Eggs are perfect to pop into a lunchbox – they can lively up your lunch hour, or work as a healthy, fun snack for kids, as the shells are nice and bright and easy to peel. After all, we all know what a struggle it can be to make healthy food engaging for children. (If you don’t know… just trust us on this one. It’s a struggle.) They’re also packed with protein and vitamins for all you fitness buffs out there! Didn’t we say they were freaking great?

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Image Courtesy of Madhouse Family Reviews

The colourful layer is made up of an edible, 100% natural food colouring – with absolutely no chemicals or other nasties. We’re basically just working with nature to re-protect the egg after boiling, as that strips away the original protective layer. It also helps to lock in freshness for longer – which is why Crackin’ Eggs have a shelf life of 6 1/2 weeks!


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Did you know...

Hens will often sing the "Egg song" before, or after, she lays an egg. It is a cheerful song that shows pride in her efforts!